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About Us

Mark Anthony Media was founded by Mark Anthony Rudder in January 2002 while still in school at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. While in school Mark had started doing work for a music video and film production company and at the same time doing freelance work for his own clients. At that time, Mark was creating logos, websites, DVD’s, multimedia CD's and more for clients while learning the tools in school. Mark was the only student in his class learning new techniques each day and applying it to actual paying projects. While other students were struggling to finish homework, Mark was finishing his homework, finishing actual paying projects and making his clients money. Mark had developed a unique ability to learn new techniques at a rapid pace and then being able to apply them for his clients.

Mark Anthony Media now is an organization that services clients worldwide and is known for its innovative and efficient media solutions that companies not only want, but need -- to bring their companies into consistent profitability.

Our company specializes in what we call Holistic Style Branding. Holistic Style Branding refers to the consolidation of interrelated mediums ranging from corporate branding, graphic design, multimedia, web site design and programming, music production, video editing & motion graphics, advertising, marketing, photography, illustration, printing and fashion design.

Offering clients such a full range of interrelated design and marketing services allows companies to keep their high-end and creative brand intact and effective, across multiple platforms and mediums, and definitely increases their sales and market share.

Mark Anthony Media employs a diverse team of talented and savvy artists, managers, designers, technical and marketing experts across a wide array of interrelated disciplines, who take great pride in what they do and are all focused on the primary goal of creating, maintaining and selling the brand and products or services of the company and its clients.

The mission of the company is to work together as a team to expand the creative frontier of media, and use it as a complete marketing tool for businesses. Our company will be able to achieve this by maintaining and completing the full circle of advertising and marketing for any client.

Our company is positioned to create and execute all original ideas for any project on any medium. However, our company does not stop on just creating an original idea. We maintain, host, produce, print, market and sell that original idea until it turns into sales and profit.

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