Mark Anthony Media - How It Works

Step 1: Tell us your needs.

Once you place your order, we send you a short questionnaire with a few basic questions about your needs, style preferences, and some examples of logos you may like.

Answer as much or as little as you can. You can talk with one of our account managers if you need help describing what you want.

Upon placing your order, you pay a small non-refundable start fee. Which is 50% of the final price. It covers the cost of having designers create your initial concepts. You don't pay the rest until you're completely satisfied.

Step 2: We design custom concepts.

We review your questionnaire, and select the top designers who best fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a conservative corporate design, a fun upbeat look, or anything in between, we pick the best designers for the job. They immediately get to work creating different design ideas to show you.

Step 3: You pick your favorite.

Within 3 business days you receive several different designs. Each one is handcrafted to meet your needs. You pick the design you like best. And we can help you choose, if you like.

Remember, the road to a polished final logo starts with rough sketches, broad outlines and
brainstorming. The first concepts and initial drafts you see are designed to get your feedback and zero - in on the right direction.

Don’t be discouraged if first versions aren’t exactly what you imagined.
Once you pick the logo that best matches what you're looking for, revisions quickly begin to resemble the fit and finish you’d expect from some of the world’s top professionals.

Step 4: We hone it until you say it's perfect.

The logo you pick is just the starting point. We refine it based on your feedback. Whether it’s changing fonts, colors, imagery, or anything else. Tell your designer what you want to change. Your designer will show you new revisions incorporating your thoughts, and will not stop until you say it’s perfect.

It rarely happens, but if you don't end up with a logo you like, cancel your project, and we won't charge the rest. It's that simple.

Don't forget business cards and stationery...
Once we perfect your logo, we design your business cards and stationery, if you ordered them.

If you think you’ll need business cards and stationery within the next six months, we recommend designing them now. By designing these brand identity essentials together with your logo, we can ensure an integrated and consistent look and feel. Plus you'll save at money compared with ordering them separately.

We're here to help.
Your account manager is always available by email and phone to help you with any questions you may have.


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