Mark Anthony Media - Magnets

From the professional business card style to creative magnets you can post on the refrigerator, Mark Anthony Media has a new state-of-the-art system to create custom, full color magnets in an assortment of shapes and colors. Whether you are a corporate business owner considering new promotional marketing ideas or simply need a year-end calendar style stick-on, these attractive reminders are sure going to get your product remembered. If you are a dentist looking to advertise your practice or a friendly electrician who wants your name remembered in time of distress, MAM has got you covered.

Promotional Magnets
Turn an ordinary, elementary school geometric shape into an innovative promotional magnet for your company with just a click of your mouse. These triangle magnets can be used as reminder magnets or emergency magnets with phone numbers posted on them. Your customers will enjoy using this custom triangle magnet on its own or to post pictures on their refrigerators, tool boxes, and chalk boards. Better yet, your business’s logo and contact information will always be easily accessible.





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