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Logo Design

A logo is so much more than just a small design. A logo is a symbol that over time embodies your organization's cultural identity, identifies your products and services, sets the tone for your corporate branding, and is oftentimes the very first thing that your prospective customers see. Therefore, in our visually intensive society your logo functions as a very important marketing tool and it must be done correctly to produce the right synergy between aesthetic design, the culture identity of your company, and your visually perceptive consumer. If your logo is done right it will, bolstered by your emerging sound reputation within your industry, communicate to your prospective customers the quality and utility of your product and/or service.

Mark Anthony Media Inc. has designed thousands of logos, symbols, identities and corporate brands for organizations of different sizes in a wide array of diverse industries from all over the world. Our experience, talent, innovation and passionate team of designers will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your organization has a logo that speaks for your business when you're not.

Our team will design a logo that manifests professionalism, an attention to detail and creativity that will boost the perception of your business and your bottom line.

See our logo portfolio.


Corporate Identity (Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes and More!)

A corporate identity is the persona of your corporation and its organizational philosophy, which is visually manifested by way of holistic branding. Holistic branding refers to the interconnectedness of all the your branding materials as a whole, which range from business cards, letterheads, envelopes, and trademarks to email, newsletters, surveys, presentations, websites, slogans, uniforms, retail signs, marketing materials and much more.

Since your branding visually represents your corporate identity to the world, it is imperative that the design of such items accord with your corporate culture and philosophy, and facilitate the attainment of your business objectives. This includes, amongst other things, providing a visual continuity to your branding such as rich and consistent color palettes, fonts, typefaces, shapes, icons, slogans, feel, sounds, and page layouts that combine to create a visually appealing look that elicits an immediate brand recognition across all physical manifestations of the brand.

Corporate Identities usually embody:
• Corporate design (logos, business cards, letterheads, newsletters, uniforms, etc.)
• Corporate communication (commercials, public relations, print marketing, etc.)
• Corporate behavior (internal values, norms, personality, etc.)

Developing a unique brand for your company helps distinguish your products and or services from your competitors in the eyes of consumers. It helps to make your products and/or services more memorable. The more memorable your corporate identity is, the more it begins to resonate with consumers, and starts to become the reality.

At Mark Anthony Media Inc. we provide unique, consistent, memorable, creative and innovative corporate identity solutions.

See our corporate identity portfolio.


Brochure Design (Brochures, Flyers, Post Cards, and Folders)

Focus on what you do best. Let us do the rest.

At Mark Anthony Media Inc. we believe that our commitment to our clients doesn't end after we complete your designs and holistic branding.

We provide you with a one-stop-shopping, full service solution that covers all of your marketing and promotional needs from beginning to end.

• We work with you to first conceptualize and execute an effective marketing campaign that facilitates the attainment of your business objectives.
• We design all of your marketing tools, ensuring that they have a visual continuity that is consistent with your corporate identity, which also includes layout, copy-writing, photography and access to stock photographs.
• We print your marketing and promotional materials in an efficient and economical way.
• We deliver your marketing and promotional materials in the mail to targeted households, apartments, and businesses in any area of your choosing.

Whether your company needs a mailer, a flyer, tri-fold brochure, sales brochure, marketing brochure or pocket folder with inserts, we have what you need and the expertise to deliver on time.

With all of our design, writing and photography services done in-house, we can afford to accomplish your marketing solutions at a lower cost that you can afford.

See our brochures portfolio.
See our flyers portfolio.


Packaging Design (Products, Boxes, Bottles, CD & DVD, P.O.P., & Displays)

Packaging is an additional manifestation of your company's holistic brand. Packaging design is effective when it elicits an immediate brand recognition from consumers, allows your product to stand out in the eyes of prospective customers amongst a myriad of other competitors' products, and entices consumers to make a purchase without actually trying the product. Since the packaging design of your product speaks for your company when your are not around, it is imperative that its design be given the utmost care.

We at Mark Anthony Media Inc. understand that most consumers are impulse buyers and therefore make a quick choice when it comes to selecting a product for purchase. Our primary objective is to make sure that choice is your product.

Things we consider when developing your packaging:
• Corporate branding
• Logo
• Color palettes
• Fonts, body copy, catch phrases and call-to-action words
• Photography and illustrations
• Containment - small objects grouped together in one package for efficiency
• Information - packages and labels communicating how to use, transport, recycle or dispose of the package or product
• Security - security shipments, tamper-evident features to help indicate tampering
• Shape & Convenience - convenience in distribution, handling, display, sale, opening, re-closing, use, and reuse

We have done packaging for many company's products, bottles, CD's and DVD's, and point of purchase displays, which include business-to-business packaging, shipping packaging and consumer packaging.

See our packaging portfolio.


Illustration (Digital & Traditional)

An illustration is a hand or computer drawn graphic element that can be used in a wide assortment of marketing materials. It is a form of art that stresses subject more than form.
In a time intensive, xerox copy world where many businesses are acquiring copies of template designs and illustrations to cut corners, a unique and original illustration that embodies the elements of your corporate identity can give you an edge against your competitors.

At Mark Anthony Media Inc. we aim to create illustrations that explain a story about your company and manifests its corporate identity.

Illustrations can range from a simple line drawing to photo-realistic portraits.
Illustrations can be edgy and street to classic and formal. They all convey a unique message and meaning.
Illustrations can be used to display a wide range of subject matter and serve a variety of functions.

We not only creates original illustrations but we also have access to hundreds of thousands of stock illustrations on a wide range of subject matter.

Our enthusiastic team of illustrators will work with you to ensure you get a professional world-class illustration.

Mark Anthony Media Inc. provides you with any style of illustration:
• Illustrated logos
• Realistic illustration
• Mascots
• Comic or character development
• Displaying a number of examples of an item described in an academic textbook
• Visualizing step-wise sets of instructions in a technical manual
• Communicating subtle thematic tone in a narrative
• Linking brands to the ideas of human expression, individuality and creativity

See our illustration portfolio.


Photography (Products and People)

A photograph is a still image that can be used on a wide array of marketing materials from magazines and brochures to newsletter and websites.
Photography sets the tone for a brand, elicit emotional responses and attachments to products and/or services, and oftentimes ignite the flame of imagination in consumers.
It can be used to explain or decorate a story and showcase a product, individual or your corporate identity.

With the right camera angles, lighting, backgrounds and filters, photography can be edgy and wild, classic and composed or embody the right tone that you desire.
A computer can do wonders to photography as well and can help sell your product and/or service.
From black and white imagery to vibrant colorful images to computer enhanced digital photos, photography can bolster the communicative strength of your holistic brand.

Mark Anthony Media Inc. believes that pictures truly do say a thousand words, and we want to help your company communicate the right words.
We take original photography and we have access to hundreds of thousands of stock photos covering a wide range of subject matter.

Mark Anthony Media Inc. provides you with many styles and use of photography:
• Stock photos
• Product shots - Photography of products or products in use.
• Retail photography - Photography of a store
• Advertising photography - Photography to sell a service or product.
• Fashion photography - Emphasizes the clothes, products or a model.
• Editorial photography - Photographs that illustrate a story or idea within the context of a magazine or newspaper.

See our photography portfolio.


Editorial Design (Newspapers, Magazines, Catalogues & Books)

Editorial design is the aesthetic and practical layout and composition of text and graphics for reading materials such as books, magazines, newspapers, brochures, newsletters, & catalogues.

In a time intensive world where time is money and patience runs thin, the right editorial design that displays your content in legible, organized and visually appealing way, could mean the difference between a customer reading your materials or throwing them away.

We at Mark Anthony Media Inc. focus on creating an editorial design that is aesthetically appealing, easy to understand and follow, and embodies a visual continuity of your brand.

In developing Editorial Design, we always consider:
• Branding - Incorporating your brand into the design
• Publication - Developing a great understanding of content of the materials and the format it is to be published in.
• Printing - Colours, dimensions, quantity, and paper being used.
• Target Market- Who will be reading you printed materials
• Consistency - Esablishing a consistency amongst text graphics and layout to convey the content message more efficiently and effectively
• Design - Give the design an esthetic value, to grab potential readers
• Money - Improve the publications commercial possibilities
• Affordability - Providing you with the best options to cut down on cost
• Competition - Having a great understanding of what the competition is doing well, and what they are lacking
• Cover - The cover of the publication is the face of your materials and it is the first thing a potential reader will see -- so it must stand out. This can be acheived by using an effective title, striking graphics, eye catching images and interesting color combinations.

See our editorial design portfolio.


Signs (Outdoor Signs, Dispalys, Retail Signs, Vehicle Graphics.)

Your sign is usually the first thing customers notice about your business. Therefore, it can be a powerful factor in establishing a good first impression with your customers that can lead to a potential sale or a lost one.

We at Mark Anthony Media Inc. understand that you only get one chance to make a first impression, and we want to ensure that your sign gives your company the right one, while providing you with a visual continuity of your brand.

In developing Signs, we consider:
• Branding - Incorporating your brand into the design
• Design & layout - Give the design an esthetic value, to grab potential readers
• Photo or Illustration use - The use of a photo creates a greater recall than ads without photos.
• Colour - Full colour graphics create the highest awareness of all sign categories.
Signage builds awareness through low-cost, multiple impressions, reinforcing your other advertising media.
• Visibility - Viewing distance is a primary factor. Your sign and the message it conveys must be readily distinguishable from the surroundings.
• Readability - The reader's ability to correctly read your message is maximised by a design that enhances individual letter distinction.
• Simplicity - Developing a message that is short and to the point, that readers passing by can get and understand instantly.
• Legibility - The right typestyles and spacing can help readers distinguish letters and words. Your sign professional can help you with these selections.
• Affordability - Providing you with the best options to cut down on cost

See our signs portfolio.

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