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Your files should be saved to high quality 300dpi resolution as a PDF, TIFF, EPS or JPEG. For a business card with bleed the size is: 3.625 x 2.125 inches. For a 4x6" postcard that would be: 4.125 x 6.125 inches.

Photoshop: Save file in CMYK colors. Resolution of file should be 300 dpi/ppi. Save and send file as an EPS or TIFF. Compress file before sending. to LZW with TIFF files. Files sent as a PSD file will be subject to a $25 fee.

Illustrator: Make sure colors are in CMYK. Convert all text to outlines. Save and send file as an EPS. Files sent as a AI file will be subject to a $25 fee.

Corel Draw: Convert text to curves. Make sure colors and images are in. Save and send file as a .cdr (Corel Draw) file.

Full Bleed* CMYK JPEGs
Full Bleed* CMYK Tiffs with no layers, channels or paths
Full Bleed* CMYK Flattened PSD files with no layers, channels or paths
Full Bleed* Flattened CMYK EPS files with fonts converted to outlines

*BLEED - add /16" to everything with no cropmarks.

File size must be exact as below
3.5 x 2" Business Cards with bleed is 3.625 x 2.125" ;
4x6 Postcards (4.125 x 6.125),
5x7 Postcards (5.125 x 7.125) ,
4x9 Postcards (4.125 x 9.125)
All type set should be 1/8" in from final trim size so it won't get cut off.


Use the following tempaltes to send us your printing jobs:

Photoshop Templates
Vertical Business Card
Horizontal Business Card
4X6 Postcard
5X7 Postcard
4X9 Rackcard Doorhangers





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