Mark Anthony Media - Tent Cards

Restaurant tables, bar tops, hotel night stands. These are all ideal places to promote your business, product, or service using tent cards. Tent cards have a visual appeal that can stimulate impulse buying, and are excellent for short term promotions. Advertising happy hour specials or pay per-view movies with a tent card is a proven way to market this type of promotion.

Tent cards are like business cards with pictures, and shaped to sit or hang in areas where people can see them and take action. They have unique features and can be customized to match almost any decor. They can be made water-resistant, have one or two sided displays, and are usually printed in full color and any size to fit your unique need. We can also add many custom features including special folding, embossing and die cutting.

The tent card is a time tested, effective communication device. They can be used to identify new products, label work stations, identify the proper line to stand in or designate a certain area. They are commonly found in hotels, conference rooms, nightclubs or any place where customers may be found. Tent cards can also make announcements, display schedules, and even advertise retail promotions.

With such versatility, and proven success choosing a tent card for your business or next promotion may be the right thing to do. Mark Anthony Media makes the process of printing tent cards easy by offering a low-cost, easy solution. As with all Mark Anthony Media printing projects it is easy to place your order and upload your files online. The finished product is always guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Choose from a variety of styles and standard sizes or select your own size.

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