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Your website is the online prescence of your business and has become a mandatory tool for any company in any industry to have a website. A website can provide a wealth of information about your company and product/or service -- and can be accessed anytime, day or night. But it is not just to have a website and that is it. Your website has to be designed with thought and purpose, it must be engaging, informative, convienient, user-friendly, creative and match your already established brand. You must also be aware of the latest technoloiges and devices being deployed -- as the internet is far from being stagnant and changing at a rapidly constant rate. With that being said, you need a company with a proven track record, that has developed sites for small and large companies all over the world in very different industries.

Mark Anthony Media is very experienced in designing websites of all sizes. From small 5 page websites to large 100 page e-commerce websites. We are expereinced in developing rich experiences for users which include pictures, video, text, illustration, animaiton, and interactivity.

We have experience with:
• Content based sites - Websites that derive revenue by selling advertising space on the site
• Product and/or service based sites - Websites that derive revenue by selling products or services online
• Content management sites - Allowing users a way to upload text, pictures and video themselves
• Developng and implementing forums & blogs
• High impact based Flash websites and stand alone animations
• PayPal e-commerce set-up for online purchasing

Our staff knows professional web design inside and out, the proof of that is in our website itself. We offer professional website design that stands always produces quality with outstanding customer support.

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