Project Description

Logo Creation

The Company

ALR is an acronym for a published fictional and non-fiction author.

The author has 3 fictional books that are part of a trilogy and one non-fictional book.

Project Brief

The author wanted a logo created as an acronym to hide the real name, to bring more mystique and intrigue to the author and create and unique and identifiable mark amongst the competition. In a competitive market, the author needed something that would stand out and be rememberable.

The client really liked the iconic “RF” logo from tennis world-champion Roger Federer. The client really liked the elegance and creativity of that logo and wanted something in that vein.

The Solution

We created a logo that accurately captures the energy and elegance of the “RF” logo.

We wanted something that would be unique and memorable and also capture the spirit of the books and author.


Skills Used

Branding & Design

We developed, designed and created this unique brand from scratch.


We created this logo by hard first, developing detailed, original concepts and sketches.

Design Mockups

We conceived multiple ideations, iterations & mockups for the development of this logo.

Brand Strategy

We implemented a brand strategy to make developing further marketing materials consistent.

Final Result & Client Testimonial

“When you’re deciding on a traditional sign that’s emblematic of the character of your identity that strives for excellence, and will become associated with your corporate brand for decades, you want to make sure you select a graphic design company who can capture the quintessence of your identity. Minimalist design, which embodies the principle of ‘less is more’, is an under-appreciated art form that Mark Anthony Media not only truly appreciates, but excels at in their graphic design. The logo they designed for me, which features a monogram of my initials ‘ALR’, is the visual representation of the minimalist aesthetic philosophy. It utilizes the uncluttered simplicity of an uniformed coloured space as the backdrop, which is in stark contrast to the three interwoven Ferrari-red letters imbued with the elegant, provocative curves of the Bodoni font. The incomplete interwoven letters engages the mind by forcing you to fill in the missing parts of the letters. Simple, yet profound.”