Project Description

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The Person

Andria Barrett is a prominent Black business leader and the Ontario New Democratic Party (NDP) Candidate for Brampton South. Barrett is also an prediabetes nutritionist, speaker and entrepreneur.

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Project Brief

Andria Barrett has enlisted us to help her with all of her branding and design, printing and digital marketing efforts to help her get elected as the NDP leader for Brampton South.


Branding & Design

Business Cards


Business Cards

Digital Marketing

Paid Ads
Media Creation


Testimonial - Andria Barrett - Picture

“I want to tell you my experience working with Mark at Mark Anthony Media. Whether I need graphics, a business card, holiday greeting cards, social media promotion, advice on strategy or digital marketing. Mark is my go to person. I trust him. He’s reliable, he’s professional and he’s fast! If you’re thinking about working with Mark, really, there is nothing to think about. You should just do it. He won’t let you down.”

Andria Barrett, NDP Candidate, Brampton South