Mark Anthony Media Inc. is a certified digital marketing firm that utilizes the power of the internet to build brand awareness, capture leads and generate sales.
We take education seriously. We are constantly updating our skill set to adjust and enhance all of our digital marketing efforts. We continuously take courses, read books and attend events, seminars and workshops.

Here is a list of certifications:

Digital Marketer
DigitalMarketer is the premier online community for digital marketing professionals.

Content Marketing Badge - Digital Marketer
Customer Acquisition Badge - Digital Marketer
Customer Value Optimization - Digital Marketer
Ecommerce Marketing Specialist - Digital Marketer
E-mail Marketing Specialist - Digital Marketer
Optimization and Testing Specialist - Digital Marketer
Social and Community Manager - Digital Marketer
Direct-Response Copywriting Specialist - Digital Marketer
Search Marketing Specialist - Digital Marketer
Analytics and Data Specialist - Digital Marketer