Are you overwhelmed and tired of struggling to find ideas to post on social media?

Introducing, the Social Media Content Planner and Calendar, the most efficient and effective way to get hundreds of ideas to engage and share with your followers.


The key to growing you social media presence is grabbing the attention of new or existing followers and converting them into leads, and ultimately paying customers — is consistency! However, it takes a lot of work and oftentimes doing social media feels like a tedious chore. Once it becomes a chore in your mind, you put it off and then it eventually never gets done! We aim to fix that. We know as an entrepreneur, digital marketer, social media manager, blogger, artist, influencer or anyone else who plans social media regularly — you need a reliable tool that will give you access to evergreen ideas for your social media marketing.

What’s included

  • Content – 2 Years of pre-populated content, post ideas, and post prompts (2021-2022)
  • Categories include:
  • Self Promo – Promote your brand, products and services
  • Recommend – Recommend your favorite content to your followers
  • Today I Learned (TIL) – Share valuable knowledge with your audience
  • Thankful – Show appreciation to people, places and things
  • Top 3 Things – Engage your audience with lists
  • Repost – Repost content in your niche for more virality and shareability
  • Debunk – Debunk some content and showcase your knowledge
  • Mentions – Mention colleagues, partners and clients
  • Ask Me Anything (AMA) – Let your followers ask you questions
  • Personal – Show your audience your personal side
  • Trending – Share trending information to your niche
  • Quotes – 300+ Quotes, in three categories including Motivational, Travel, & Food
  • Audience Engagement Questions – 300+ Questions in three categories including Motivational, Travel, & Food
  • Formats – 3 Popular Spreadsheet formats including Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets and Apple Numbers
  • Table of Contents – A table of contents which allows you to quickly jump to all of the tabs in the calendar
  • Holidays – A list all of the holidays for Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand & Ireland
  • Hashtags – A place to store your most commonly used hashtags for easy reference
  • Resources – A comprehensive list of relevant articles with commonly used tools and techniques for social media marketing