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Customer Avatar Worksheet - Mark Anthony Media

Customer Avatar Worksheet

Use our Customer Avatar Worksheet to help you better understand your dream customer. It is crucial to fill out this Customer Avatar Worksheet before you do any form of marketing.

Mark Anthony Media - Build Your Brand - Info Kit

Mockup Instructions – Adobe Photoshop

Read detailed instructions with screenshots on how to easily use our Adobe Photoshop files to create stunning product mockups.

Mark Anthony Media - Websites Kit

Websites – Kit

Download our websites kit to get an idea of the powerful tools we use to build a better, more effective website for your business.

Mark Anthony Media - Build Your Brand - Info Kit

Build Your Brand – Kit

See our comprehensive list of marketing services to help you and your business grab awareness, capture leads and motivate sales.

Mark Anthony Media Print Products Service List

Print Product – Catalogue

See our list of print products including business cards, stationery, flyers, signs, labels, promotional items and apparel.

Apparel Catalogue

Apparel – Catalogue

See our list of apparel products that we can offer your business including t-shirts, masks, sweaters, hoodies, tank tops, long sleeve shirts and hats.

Mark Anthony Media - Social Media Marketing Kit

Social Media Marketing – Kit

Download our social media marketing kit, to get an idea on how you can utilize power of social to build your business.

COVID-19 Print Essential Product Catalogue

COVID-19 Essential Print Products – Catalogue

Download our COVID-19  catalogue to see all the product we have to help get you ready to reopen your business safely.