PlatformsFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram,
Google Business and Pinterest.
ManagementManaging communication on your social
media in order to build relationships, gain
credibility, position yourself as a SME
(subject matter expert), respond to inquiries
and comments, and engage web users to
get new clients.
Posts / MonthPublishing posts with graphics, images,
videos and content about your company on
social networks with the objective of promoting
your activity, and to encourage sharing. This is
by utilizing assets your company currently owns,
curating content or through stock content. This does
include creating original content from scratch.
If you need original content, please let us know.
We utilize scheduling software to post to multiple
ContestsOrganizing a contest on social networks to develop
links with clients, and to engage them.
ReportMonthly reports are provided on status of your
social media accounts. This may include feedback/
questions from customers, engagement statistics,
content created, new client reports, etc.)
ConsultationsMonthly Consultations. Additional fees are applicable
for more consultations.
Price Per MonthGet QuoteGet QuoteGet Quote