Andrew Rudder - Author/Lawyer

“When I started my new law firm that carried the hereditary name “Rudder “ that’s common to all the members of my family, it was of the utmost importance that I project an exemplary image that properly elevates my profile, because I wasn’t just representing myself, but also the pedigree of my family’s lineage. So, I didn’t take my decision of choosing the right graphic designer, digital marketer and branding specialist lightly. I chose Mark Anthony and his company Mark Anthony Media Inc. because I knew that they were the only ones I could confidently rely upon to refine both my personal and corporate brand to embody the quintessence of who I am and what I stand for, as well as be an authentic reflection and projection of my core values, attitudes, fundamental principles, and beliefs.

Your personal brand must capture your spirit and your vision, and your corporate brand must embody your mission statement. Mark Anthony and Mark Anthony Media Inc. understood that it’s the emanation surrounding all of my company’s interactions with the world, which creates a distinctive quality that seems to surround and be generated by my company in all my digital marketing and advertising campaigns.

Mark Anthony beautifully captured the quintessence of my brand that resonated with my target audience, as he brought to life the design elements — starting from scratch — of my logo, and then my business cards, stationery, website, and advertising and digital marketing campaigns.

For my logo, I loved how he used the helm of a ship as a visual metaphor for my surname “Rudder”, which is symbolic of how I steer the legal ships of my clients — lost at sea in the complexity of the arcane legal system — in the right direction toward the safe shores of just compensation. The use of the elegant and timeless font called Bodini for my official typeface, was a nice touch, which in combination with the creation of the luxurious suede-like, bright Ferrari red business cards for my law firm, corresponded perfectly with the debonair look I project in my professional photographs and stylish attire that exudes self-confidence, self-assuredness and refined-sophistication.

The interactive, sleek and polished website design of the webpages he built from scratch using WordPress, doesn’t just give great aesthetic pleasure to the eyes, but is functional too, in that it has helped me capture leads, optimize sales and grow both my personal and corporate brand exponentially!

I’d strongly recommend the artistically, talented Mark Anthony and Mark Anthony Media Inc. to any new business owner and entrepreneur who wants to build an eye-catching, memorable brand that resonates with their target audience and projects the essence of the spirit of their company’s vision to the world.”

Andrew Leroy Rudder
Founder, Rudder Law Group

“When you’re deciding on a traditional sign that’s emblematic of the character of your identity that strives for excellence, and will become associated with your corporate brand for decades, you want to make sure you select a graphic design company who can capture the quintessence of your identity. Minimalist design, which embodies the principle of ‘less is more’, is an under-appreciated art form that Mark Anthony Media not only truly appreciates, but excels at in their graphic design.

The logo they designed for me, which features a monogram of my initials ‘ALR’, is the visual representation of the minimalist aesthetic philosophy. It utilizes the uncluttered simplicity of an uniformed coloured space as the backdrop, which is in stark contrast to the three interwoven Ferrari-red letters imbued with the elegant, provocative curves of the Bodoni font. The incomplete interwoven letters engage the mind by forcing you to fill in the missing parts of the letters. Simple, yet profound.”

Andrew Leroy Rudder
For “ALR” logo.

Sean McClean

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Mark Anthony Rudder on multiple occasions.  First, with a logo that has been at the heart of my company for decades, and, most recently, with the rebuild of our company’s website.  He marries an intuitive understanding of design with professional, concise feedback, timely and accurate development work that I simply haven’t found anywhere else.

I’d recommend him to organizations of any size and scale, and I can’t imagine anyone I else I’d rather work with when it comes to marketing advertising or design.”

Sean McClean
Master Technical Trainer and Training Evangelist at ServiceNow and blogger at

Heather Greenwood Davis

“Hi, I’m Heather Greenwood Davis. I’m the founder and creator of Globetrotting Mama and I’m really pleased with my new website which is I really love the way that Mark Anthony worked with me, to make sure that we were getting a site that you know – fit my needs and would be something I would proud to showcase.

I’ve had my website now, and my blog for over 10 years. So it definitely needed an update and a refresh. Mark was collaborative and made it easy for us to work –despite the fact that I’m a travel writer, so I’m constantly on the road. He was still able to work with me to make sure that you know, the site was everything I was hoping it would be.

I would say Mark is a great collaborator, he is friendly, he is polite, he is kind, he is patient and he walked me through a lot of things that maybe I wouldn’t have thought of doing on my site. I’m really excited to continue this partnership and to carry it forward. So I wholeheartedly recommend him and if you’re looking for someone to update your own blog or to just chat through your business plans for branding etc., I think that he would be a great choice.”

Heather Greenwood Davis
Award-winning Freelance Writer, Blogger, On-Air Personality, Podcaster and Digital Storyteller

Andria Barrett

“I want to tell you my experience working with Mark at Mark Anthony Media. Whether I need graphics, a business card, holiday greeting cards, social media promotion, advice on strategy or digital marketing. Mark is my go to person. I trust him. He’s reliable, he’s professional and he’s fast! If you’re thinking about working with Mark, really, there is nothing to think about. You should just do it. He won’t let you down.”

Andria Barrett
MMP NDP Candidate Brampton South

Nabile Bergmann

“I was re-branding our law firm. We needed a logo and I was expecting it be much more difficult to do. To my surprise it was amazingly easy. The design concepts were very good and exactly what we had in mind. Mark’s response time was fast. I would definitely hire Mark’s services again.”

Nabile Bergmann
Bergmann Law Firm PLLC

Marsha Redhead-Jarrett

“Hiring Mark Anthony to be the creative genius behind my Natural skin care line was the best, decision I have ever made. With little direction from myself he was able to create and design the labels for each of my products. The designs that he created for my brand exceed my expectations by creating a branded look that stood out above the rest. I was referred to him by a very dear friend and I will refer Mark to all of my close family and friends!”

Marsha Redhead-Jarrett
Lavish & Lovely

Christopher Lawrence

“Mark Anthony Media for me has been a trusted graphic designing source well over 5 years and counting. The reliability of their service and expertise is next to none. Mark Anthony Media takes the time to deepen their understanding of my graphic design needs then proceeds to handle and treat my business needs as priority.
I would recommend Mark Anthony Media for your graphic and now digital marketing needs. Reason being they spend the time in comprehending your project within tight deadlines and genuinely want to see all of your projects become successful.

This company is not sales driven but rather “customer focused” hence why I’m a frequent customer and suggest others to visit Mark Anthony Media time and time again.”

Christopher Lawrence
Founder, Social Legacy Event Group & Frequency Event Promotions

Sabrina Tedesco

“I have had (and still have) the privilege of working with Mark Anthony Media over the last 10+ years on various client projects. Mark Anthony Media’s attention to detail, their sense of understanding what my vision entails and their overall creativity, keeps me coming back.

I know Mark Anthony Media delivers timely and quality designs whether it’s a marketing piece, sales brochure, web or coupon to name a few are always bang on! I would highly recommend thier services if you are looking for quality and value.”

Sabrina Tedesco
Marketing, Sales and Sponsorship Consultant

Carrie Wilson

“Well, what can I say about Mark Anthony Media that wouldn’t take me hours and days to write due to a very long list. I’ve personally had the pleasure and grace to have worked with Mark Anthony and his team for many years!
They always go over and above for my company and our clients! Their goal is always to produce perfection, support and grow our company and deliver on client goals and objectives!

They are creative geniuses who offer superior design and marketing ideas from scratch! They approach all projects with originality, creativity and sincerity – which allows them to effectively and honestly communicate to audiences that triggers engagement.

We will always be working with Mark Anthony Media in the future! Any company will greatly benefit working with them to enhance their business objectives immensely to grow and solidify company success.”

Carrie Wilson
Founder, CW Enterprises

Christopher Rudder Head Shot

“Working with Mark Anthony Media has been nothing but extraordinary! I’ve been working with them for many years now and they never disappoint! They are always professional, attentive, detailed, creative and relentlessly focused on delivering results!

They did a phenomenal job helping us launch our new podcast called Travel Horror Stories. They aided us in developing an effective landing page, social media posts, logo design, digital marketing materials and much more! I highly recommend them for your marketing needs!”

Christopher Rudder
Host and Blogger
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